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Pork Pies

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Secret Recipe

The Family Secret

Ever since the day we started making Pork Pies, the spice mix has remained an extremely well kept secret within Wests Bakery. Not even the staff know, only the family.

It is for the reason (plus many others), that we think our Pork Pies are truly unique, and as good as you will find anywhere in the country.

We use traditional methods for the production of the pie, which gives a really authentic and fantastic flavour. 

Size Matters

Believe us, it does

Whilst you are used to the more popular small Pork Pies, at Wests we do over 5 different sizes. The largest of which, is £16.50 and the size of a pizza. Perfect for a family gathering, or a party. 

Again, we can make the pies to order, baked every Wednesday for shop collection on the Thursday. (Due to needed time for the jelly to set)

Not many people make them this way, but sticking with our traditional values of ensuring enough time is given for the product to be at its best, we are happy putting in the extra labour to ensure the better end result.

Oh, did we mention, we also use local butchers for our meat?

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